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Joon Stylist Intro $199

Only Licensed Salon Professionals are able to purchase the Joon Stylist Intro $199.

This set contains the Saffron Rose Collection and our recently added Scalp care products. Saffron Rose Shampoo, Saffron Rose Conditioner and our Saffron Hair Elixir are perfect for anyone looking to detangle, smooth, moisturize and add shine to the hair. Used in traditional Persian beauty rituals for centuries, the “Antioxidant Powerhouse”created by Saffron, Rose, Pistachio and Pomegranate nourish, strengthen and restore hair elasticity to its healthiest state. These products can be used daily and are safe on extensions, color, keratin and chemically-treated hair.

This dual-action Sumac Scalp Scrub + Shampoo gently exfoliates product buildup, oil, pollutants and dead skin cells. Sumac is an antioxidant-rich spice which helps combat environmental aggressors. Peppermint, spearmint and tea tree oil improve scalp circulation, invigorate and soothe the scalp with their antimicrobial properties. Castor and olive oil moisturize hair and scalp, imparting hair with elasticity, softness and shine. Fenugreek is a rich source of iron and proteins, which are essential nutrients for hair and scalp. Using an innovative needle-nose applicator, this scrub is easy to apply and perfect for anyone who is trying to exfoliate, soothe and improve the overall condition of their hair and scalp. Amazing for use with hair extensions and safe for color, keratin and chemically-treated hair. 


  • (3) Saffron Hair Elixir (1.11 fl. oz)
  • (1)  Saffron Hair Elixir (3.11 fl. oz)
  • (3) Sumac Scalp Scrubs (5.7 fl. oz)
  • (3) Saffron Rose Shampoo (10 fl. oz)
  • (3) Saffron Rose Conditioner (10 fl. oz)
  • (1) Saffron Rose Shampoo (33.8 fl. oz)
  • (1) Saffron Rose Conditioner (33.8 fl. oz)
  • (6) Saffron Hair Elixir Minis (0.17 fl. oz)
  • (12) Pamphlets
  • (1) Glorifier

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Joon Stylist Intro $199

Joon Stylist Intro $199