Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Saffron Hair Elixir work on all hair types?

Yes, our customers have all types of hair - thin to thick, fine to coarse, and coily to straight. It works on all.

Can I use the Saffron Hair Elixir on my fine, thin hair?

Yes, we have many customers with that hair type who use the Saffron Hair Elixir. It is a more lightweight hair oil, so it will not weigh down the hair.

Is the Saffron Hair Elixir (Oil) greasy?

No, it is fast-absorbing hair oil and will not make hair greasy.

How many drops do I use?

Since the Saffron Hair Elixir has a dropper, it is easy to measure out how many drops to use. Generally speaking, with short hair use 1-2 drops, medium hair length use 3-4, and longer hair 4 drops and on. This is an approximation and you should test out what works best for your hair. Also, wet hair can absorb more product so keep that in mind as well.

How should I store the product?

Keep the product out of direct sunlight. It will also last longer if you keep it in room temperature or below.